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Elves in General
Elves are generally more fine-boned than a Human. They exhibit a more angularly boned face, a pointed jaw instead of a round chin. Their ears are built up into a point rather than rounded. They are physically compatible with Humans and can produce Half-elven offspring. They do not mate with anything besides their own kind or the Human race.

High Elves
General Description
High elves in general have the fairest skin anywhere in Elefor. They are always considered pale and do not get blemishes, like freckles. Their bodies are less round and more angular than any human. Their hair colors range between white, to blond, pale blue, platinum, or silver. Their eyes are their most vivid feature sporting colors like blue, violet, green, silver, and a dull gold. They are one of the longest lived races, living up to 400 years and slowly maturing until the age of 25 to 30. They stand roughly from 6'0" to 6' 10" tall and weigh 125 to 230 pounds depending upon height, age, and gender. They tend toward being lean, thin-boned, and are, on average, the tallest out of the race of elves.

Family Life
High elves are traditionally the aristocratic version of all elves. They hold offices of power and authority, pursue scholarly activities, and tend to be remote from the other races, sticking to their communal homes. Most elven families are composed of two elves of the same generation that have children at a leisurely pace. It is not a rare occurance that a pair of 330-year old elves have children with a hundred year age gap between them. While High elves view family as a thing of utmost importance and stay in a communal home, they oftentimes find themselves alone on individual pursuits. They are generally a quiet people that make few, but long term bonds with people. They also tend to be mainly vegetarian, having meat on the occasion.

In decades, High elves have moved around and in cities and villages, integrating with the other races

Racial Abilities
Low-Light Vision: This ability allows a High elf to see in areas not easily visible to a human or other race that relies solely on regular sight. Places that seem shadowly with dim light or a sputtering torch will often be little trouble for a High elf to see. They would have enough light with starlight alone to be able to find their way home at night. However, while they can see in low-light circumstances, their distance viewing will be limited.

Magical Aptitude: Due to their scholarly natures, some High elves have a higher aptitude for magic than other races. While it takes study and concentration all the same, they have a certain knack for understanding, after awhile, even complicated spells and incantations.

Wood Elves
General Description
Wood elves have always been associated with the forests. They, unlike the High elves, have been known as nimble warriors instead of scholars and magicians. Their skin appears tan in comparison with the High elves. It can be anywhere from a golden tan to a dark tan to even a more red color or earthy color. Their hair colors range from a dark blond, to brown, red, or black. Wood elves have eye colors in the same range as Humans; blue, green, hazel, and brown. They have even been known to have a light scattering of freckles from time to time on their cheeks or shoulders. Shorter than High elves, their height is usually between 5'9" and 6'5", weighing between 115 to 200 pounds of lean muscle on a fine-boned frame. Like High elves, Wood elves also live up to 400 years old and mature around the age of 25 or 30.

Family Life
Wood elves love their forests, their families, and the wilderness. They are tied to the wild lands and love to fish, hunt, and explore. Traditionally, both male and female protect the communal home, children learning weapons around the age of 15 so they too can be of use to the community as fighters and providers. Wood elves tend to live near other communities of elves, including High elves. Like High elves, Wood elves also take their time in building their families throughout their long lifespans, oftentimes having up to 5 children in their 4 century lives.

Racial Abilities
Low-Light Vision: This ability allows a Wood elf to see in areas not easily visible to a human or other race that relies solely on regular sight. Places that seem shadowly with dim light or a sputtering torch will often be little trouble for a Wood elf to see. They would have enough light with starlight alone to be able to find their way home at night. However, while they can see in low-light circumstances, their distance viewing will be limited.

Aptitude with a Bow: Not all Wood elves choose to use bows, however most know the basics of bow usage from childhood training. Those who choose to use it as a skill all throughout life become more exceptional and skillful with age. Like High elves and their skills with magic, Wood elves have a knack for the bow and figure out complex shots more easily than any other race.

General Description
Drow are the subterranean cousins of the High and Wood elves. Black skinned with white, pale blue, pale violet, or pale gold hair coloring, they are the shortest of the elves, standing between 5'5" to 6'0" with fiery eyes of vibrant red, orange or yellow colorations. Their weight sits between 100 to 190 pounds roughly. They have the same lifespans as those of their cousins, maturing around the ages of 25 to 30 and living, if not killed beforehand, to roughly 400 years of age. General thoughts from surface dwellers about the drow is that they are evil creatures due to the fact that little is known about their dealings because they live underground.

Family Life
Traditionally, the Drow are ruled over by a Matron who lays down the laws and creates order amidst the dark realms. Females are always given a position of power while males are oftentimes shunted aside to become warriors or fodder during times of inter-House warfare. Their society is structured into "Houses," or family clans. Each House vies for more power than its neighbors. The Matron position is held by the oldest female of the strongest House, protected by her sons and male servants. With this constant hunger for power, oftentimes family ties are put aside for in-fighting. Rarely are bonds formed within families as the leading Matriarch of a House might be just as easily killed by her eldest daughter as by a rival House. As keeping with tradition, most female drow learn the arts of magic or priestesshood. Male drow mainly stick with the more base arts of combat as that is what they are generally allowed to learn. Male drow are more often to be found on the surface and in cities than their female counterparts if they are able to find a way to leave their structured society though they are mostly greeted by distrust amongst surface dwellers.

Racial Abilities
Infrared Vision: Because of long exposure to darkness, the drow have found other ways to see in their subteranean homeland. Their vision consists of seeing outside of the normal visible scale. They see things in mainly pinks and reds. Prolonged exposure to the surface, while painful, allow some drow to regain their ability to see color as any other surface dweller would though not necessarily quite as clearly.

Silent Steps: The echoey caverns of the world below is an excellent training ground for those who would walk with care. The drow have an uncanny ability to walk very quietly in places where normally it would be impossible to be completely stealthy. Drawing a weapon in such a place is another matter. Walking silently, however, is the easy thing.
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