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Here are the basic rules of conduct while you are Roleplaying in Elefor. If you fail to follow these rules, you will be subject to banishment, whether it is just a temporary term or permanently depending upon the severity and frequency of the transgressions committed.

1. No god-modding. I refuse to tolerate those who cannot limit themselves to acceptable "mortal" levels. There are no angel, demon, or god positions here and never will be simply because many roleplayers view these creatures as immortal and all-powerful. Keep in mind that if you can kill someone in one blow and that someone is not some sort of insect, you're god-modding. You will take damage in battle, your character is subject to death if a situation of that sort occurs, and you can't just poof some sort of magical creation that can eat an entire city into reality. If you have god-modding tendencies, count this as your first warning. If you are playing and you see a fellow player god-mod, please pm me or a moderator and there will be a judgement upon the said post to determine if there was god-modding taking place.

2. Do not take control of other people's characters. This is a rule relating to god-modding. If you are in the midst of a battle, you can not determine what hits the other characters (unless they are NPC characters controlled/thought up by you) and how those characters react to your actions. Once again, this is your first warning. If your character is the one being controlled by someone else, once again, pm me or a moderator and we will determine the severity of the offense and the judgement carried out.

3. You can only be in one place at a time. I know many other forums have the option of running around in multiple places at once so as to allow people to continue to play while waiting for another forum member to post a reply. This is not what we do in the Land of Elefor. Please remember to stick with this rule. It is more important for the development of your character, in that if your character gets severely injured and winds up losing an ear, he's not in another part of the world where his ear just randomly falls off or turns ghosty. Let's keep it realistic here.

4. Do not aim to kill another person's character. Unless someone in your party pm's you with "please kill off my character because I don't want to play this one anymore," then don't do it. In my experience, people grow quite attached to their characters and want them to live and grow and change for quite some time. Don't try to take someone's hard work and creativity away through violence. If you kill someone else's character and I receive a pm about it, I will kill your character instead with some sort of foul weather or natural disaster (deadly lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc). That will be your only warning. If you choose to do it again without permission (it also must be able to be proven that you got permission through forwarding the pm on to me), then you will get banned permanently.

5. Limit your advertising. Okay, so there might be a really great forum off in Kansas somewhere and that's great, but please don't advertise all over the place. Do not post advertisements in the cbox. And also do not spam everyone's inbox. Those that show up there will be deleted. You may post advertisements in the OOC forum section or as your homepage as listed in your profile information. Other than those two places, don't do it.

6. No double-posting. If you just posted, let someone else post first before you start again. Give someone a chance to respond and give you something to respond to as well. You may edit your latest post if you want to add more, however, if your fellow party members are logged on, you may want to give them a heads up in the cbox.

7. Be respectful of others. There will be no flaming, no rude or immature behavior, and no insulting. If you feel someone's RP skills are not good, you will not tell them they suck. You may give them some constructive criticism if they are willing to accept it. Immaturity must be restricted to the OOC section or the cbox. Swearing is not accepted anywhere except in moderation as pertaining to your character's dialogue or thoughts. If you do have a problem with someone else, please keep it private through pm. If a disagreement cannot be solved through a pm, please contact myself or a moderator to help solve it.

8. This is a PG-13 board. Mild swearing is fine if you are playing with your character in the In-Character section of the the board. It is tolerated nowhere else. Mature roleplay must be restrained. If two players agree on a romantic situation, please just cut it short, leave out the details of the rendezvous, and start the next day. The same goes for a rape scenario. Please note that both players have to agree to any of those situations to begin with.

9. Signatures are not to have huge pictures in them that take up the entire screen. Basically what the signature space does for us is allows us to create easy links to our character profiles in case of accidental forgetting about something by one of our party members. If you want a picture of your character, attach a link to the picture or use the image tags to place it at the top or bottom of your character application or chop the image down to size and use it for an avatar. Keep the signature space for the important things instead of pictures that could be seen as annoying or just plain too large.

10. Interested in joining a specific storyline? PM the people involved and get their approval and then start playing. Can't find anyone to play with, PM myself or a moderator so that we can place you into a suitable storyline to fit your needs.

11. Posting length is important here. We expect an average minimum of 150 words per post. Yes, there may be times when you just can't write more than 50. That's okay, but try not to let your average stay there. Write more! You can always exceed 150 and you can exceed it regularly if you'd like to. But also remember that more is not necessarily better either. We expect quality posts and not just a little bit of substance and a whole lot of airy filler material that doesn't mean anything.

12. You can have up to three characters at a time if you can show us that you can handle it. All three characters must go through the character application process to make sure that they fit the world. Your first character's posts should not be lacking in quality just because you have more to do with the new ones.

13. The minimum amount of posts required for a week is 2 to 3. You may post more if your traveling party has a higher posting frequency, but please do not post any less than that.

14. If you register and have zero posts, I will delete your username within 30 days after your last login without notifying you. If you do have a post count after 30 days of inactivity, I will contact you and give you a week's time in which to respond before I will delete your username. If you have left an absence, I will give you 2 months after the set time of the absence's expiration before contacting you and giving you a week's time in which to responde before I will delete your username.
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