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Shayne was right about the clearing. It was a wide open space right off of the path. It was surrounded by short bushes, trees standing further off. The premade pit for the fire was right in the middle of an open space. While the trees were a bit aways from the camp, there was plenty of dried wood on the ground to use for a fire. To Sigh's eyes, it was a gentle sort of camp, soft grass, very few rocks, premade firepit. To more experienced eyes, it might seem less than defensible with the trees too far off to protect whatever sleeping occupants decided to make use of it and the bushes providing not enough cover for a full grown man, let alone any protection from arrows.

Well, here's the clearing. This should be perfect. There's even a firepit already made. When they decided to make a makeshift path until the bridge is repaired, they did a good job. Those workers were pretty helpful. I think I must have misjudged them. The woman smiled and set down her pack next to where she figured that she'd sleep. Sigh had never really had to worry about where she would set up her camp. She simply had a demon on watch and the night would pass uneventfully. Demons were useful creatures. Now with Shayne, she felt safe enough to refrain from using one.
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