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Sigh strode forward, her gait easy as she moved, her hips swaying enough to cause the two workmen to look. Envy for what Shayne was following behind was evident. While she was scarred, she still had an hourglass figure and mesmerizing eyes. The day continued passing by and their path still led them through the woods. There were established campsites about every ten miles apart. The grass trodden down, pits ready for fire. It seems as if these workmen had it right. We appear to be on a trail that has seen a lot of recent use. It put the woman a little bit more at ease. Her hands eventually stopped toying with the hilt of her blade. There seemed to be no point to it. She didn't see anybody in the woods around them, didn't hear anything other than the regular buzzes, chirps, croaks, and rustles. Squirrels darted in and out of the underbrush, startled by the travelers' presence.

They were being presumably rerouted a different way either around the stream or to another crossing, though it felt like it was taking quite some time. Memnemik... Memnemik... The whispers in her mind had found her again. She had jerked slightly at its touch on her mind, startled, but preferred to try to ignore it currently. Go away. Go away. I'm not listening to you. A silver laugh echoed in the halls of her mind. It wasn't going away was the gist of the message in that laugh.

Shayne, it looks like it's getting darker now. Should we... set up camp here? It was true that the shadows of the trees were beginning to stretch out long and far now, creating pockets of deceiving darkness. It would be best to have firewood prepared to light whatever haven they decided to sleep within. Her feet were sore. It had been a long time, too long, since she had last walked for an entire day, obviously.
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