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Shayne grinned and nodded in thanks, and then shrugged at Sigh in the same manner, gesturing for her to lead the way down the trail. It was easy enough to follow, even if it weren't kept up as well. Shayne was just glad they were on the edge of the woods, rather than in the middle of them. Jungle was no fun to go through. Even paths were dangerous in the depths of it.

The air was cooler where it was shaded, and a breeze still managed to weave its way through the trees and underbrush. On this path, the man was even more wary, straining his senses for anything but Sigh's steps, his steps, and the clinking of his armor. He was feeling slightly paranoid, and every rustle of the brush made him want to drop his gloved hand upon his sword hilt, ready to fight. While he didn't want the delay in their journey, at the same time, he itched for battle. It had already been too long since that adrenaline rush filled him.
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