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The two men waited politely as Sigh and Shayne conversed briefly. The bridge is washed out. The stream took flood over the last storm, uprooted a small tree which dragged the whole wooden thing down. There have been some crews to come and fix it, but they've been having some trouble getting enough support to keep it up. The caravans have been getting rerouted as well. The archer shrugged, frowning mildly as if the inconvenience of rerouted caravans was a pain.

Sigh looked at the men. They didn't look especially well formed muscularly. They were average labormen sized; enough to lift boxes, swing axes, or push cows around. She didn't think two of those type of men were especially threatening. The woman looked at Shayne and shrugged. She didn't care if they went on to investigate the bridge or went through the path in the woods. She still, however, retained her deep suspicions that they were up to no good. I wonder if Westrel came down this way...
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