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Shayne smiled at his wife's happiness, glad to see her so happy, but at the same time, slightly bemused. It was as if she'd been transformed into a giddy teenager, rather than reverting to her coolness that she had held for so long. It was odd, and not truly easy to understand, so he let it go. He laughed at her comment, and watched her bouncing along, knowing her light step would tire her less than a steady plod. He was made for endurance, steady plodding. She seemed to be just as good at practically prancing.

A small snort escaped him. They were like a pair of horses. A warrior plow horse and a palfrey. As she looked at him, her words drifting back to him, a grin broke over his face and he stepped forward quickly, reaching out to snag his arms around her waist and pull her to him for a kiss, if she let him. "As I do, you."

His eyes centered on her for a second, and then resumed their watchful patrolling. He had deducted that most bandits would not see them as worth robbing, as few men were Shayne's size, so his armor and weapons were useless to them, and they didn't look like they carried much in the way of gold or treasure.
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