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Sigh tapped her lip as she walked, looking into the bright sky. I hope he has a welcome feast prepared in our honor. I think I'll be quite hungry once I get there. She was getting pretty used to the chink chink chink noise of Shayne walking about in his armor. At first, it had been horribly noisy and startling, but now it was more like how one feels when they sit by the ocean. At least she knew where he was at all times even if she would decide to close her eyes.

The best thing about being on the road was that she didn't feel like she had to hurry, she didn't have to wrap her life about someone else's schedule, and she could take a break or walk slow whenever she felt like it. She could sneak peeks at Shayne or, better yet, simply stare at him and remember what he looked like naked. Sigh blushed as she thought about it again. The simple fact that he was a very handsome man and that he belonged to her turned her on when she thought about it. So she tried not to which only lead her to thinking about it more. It was like the childhood that she never had suddenly. The bounce in her step, the optimism that was hanging about her like some sort of foggy cloud, the sensation that she was never alone. It was perfect. She couldn't stop smiling! Even if she wanted to.

And while there was a lot of open space around their section of road with trees about where people could hide and spring out, Sigh was completely fine just the way everything was. I love you, Shayne. She just felt like saying it again, just in case he had forgotten that she loved him since the last time she said it, probably about a half hour ago. The demonologist was grinning like a fool and enjoying such a spectacular day.
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