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Shayne was happy to be on the road again, and even happier when they finally reached the edge of the jungle. It was still a little warmer than he liked to be in armor in, but at least it wasn't so muggy, and the cool breeze worked well enough that he wasn't sweating too heavily. He was not a quiet traveling companion. Not because he made unnecessary chatter, but because his armor clanked, metal on metal, and it was a constant companion of sound. It was rhythmic because of his steady pace, but still, noisy.

He grinned at her sarcastic comment, replying in a similar tone. "I'm sure he'll be extremely surprised and happy. After all, he was ever so delighted to spend as much time with you as he could." He smirked. "That shouldn't change very quickly." He looked around, feeling too far in the open, surrounded by plains. It made him nervous.
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