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The jungle was receding behind them as they continued down the Road of the West Pilgrim. Sigh, for one, was glad to leave it behind. The trees came right to the edges of the path and some grew through it. It wasn't the best kept road in all the realms. Oh it had wagon ruts permanently imbedded within it, but that was nothing special since those same wagon ruts seemingly disappeared right off the edge of the road too. The bandits in the area must've been quite royally wealthy at this point. The sunlight that poured down from the sky glinted off the shimmer pale blue fabric of the demonologist's shirt, giving her a false halo about her face. The radiating warmth was a delight as well as the cool breeze that swept in from behind them to lick the sweat that they could have developed off before it could form... well, at least for her. Shayne's armor probably didn't allow for all of it to dissipate so quickly.

Do you think Westrel will be pleased to see us? It was a question that sounded sarcastic even as it fell out of her mouth. I will be delighted to see him again. And that statement sounded like a threat, one she would be pleased to carry out. Sigh didn't want that loose end waiting for her at a point she wasn't prepared for it. The woman seriously doubted that the strange hypnosis he held over her had disappeared since last he had used it. Now that she and Shayne were married and had that bond of love and trust between them, she knew that he would defend her to the last. And now that they were on the road, well, her demons were at her disposal in the most open ways possible. Sigh didn't have to hide what she was anymore. Unfettered and loved for her beauty and all that she had to offer a man, Sigh was strangely light and free for the first time in years, her steps had a certain spring in them.
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