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Shayne was not sad to say goodbye to his mentor. Rather, he was glad that he was able to this time, whereas the last time he had left, he had done so without telling anyone. He chuckled slightly at Sigh's eagerness, feeling the bounce in himself as well. He was garbed in his usual, plain and sturdy gear, under the armor. Between him and his armor was a padded shirt, and slung on his armor was the bandolier that kept his claymore on his back, along with his spare broadsword. Once again, the warrior was fiercely armed. He tugged the bag closed, brushing a strand of hair behind his ear, and tugged his pony tail as he looked around. "I don't think we're forgetting anything. We've our flint and steel, food, cooking gear, what little we'll need, money, clothes, bedrolls, and cloaks. I think we're quite alright."

He finished tying the armor he wasn't wearing onto the pack, and looked at Sigh once more. A smile lit up his face even more. "I have the feeling that you wish to leave right away, and still not be forced to travel with the caravan. So, shall we leave without it?" He grinned at her, slinging the pack over his shoulders with ease, though it easily weighed quite a bit, especially with his armor hanging from it. "It's not like we need the extra money for the moment." He shrugged slightly. "I've never believed too much in safety in numbers anyways." He was as eager as she to be moving once more, now that his gash was only a tender pink scar that hurt if he stretched it too much.
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