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Sigh was eagerly awaiting the moment that they would take to the road and leave the compound that they had been stuck in ever since Sigh had been denounced as a noble lady of the court, not that she minded. They had said their goodbyes to Shayne's mentor father who had given him just a little more coin than his paladin due would have suggested otherwise. To Sigh, he told her that she was one of theirs now and to not keep Shayne from coming back should he wish to. Sigh had wrinkled her nose at that and said that, regardless of what she would have Shayne do, Shayne would do as Shayne would do, but that she would do her best to protect him from what he might get himself into.

Standing beside Shayne, Sigh was relieved that it was time to depart. She wore a sky blue blouse made out of a very fine lightweight material with long sleeves that flared at the wrists. She wore a black skirt that went just past her knees, black leather traveling boots that went up to midthigh, and darker blue leggings to cover the rest of her legs. She had been gifted a rapier in a fine black belt and sheath and a dark blue cloak of finely spun wool. She looked quite more like a lady than whence she had come initially. Her pack had medicines, bandages, and food within it as those were lighter than the rest which were neatly tucked within Shayne's pack. The woman couldn't keep the smile off her face. It was about time they were leaving!

Sigurd had mentioned a trading caravan that was heading towards City Randatria which would afford them additional protection as well as a cash bonus for acting as protectors should they desire it. Sigh hadn't made her mind up on it though being with people other than Shayne for even one more day seemed unbearable. If they were going to go with the caravan, they needed to meet them at the city gates soon. If they were not, they could leave at any time without contacting Caravan Master, Raulf. Do we have everything? I always feel like I'm forgetting something, but it's not like I can't just find it later on. Did you want to follow along with the caravan or do we just want to start out already? Either way, I can't wait to get out of Phenvast!
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