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Shayne chuckled, and smiled as he shifted into a slightly more comfortable position, slipping into sleep easily, falling into soft dreams.

The next day he filled with getting travel gear together. With trail rations, as well as some fresher items to flesh out their meals for the first few days at least. Alongside jerky, cheese and bread, there were apples, some fresh vegetables, and meat that wasn't preserved to last for weeks. A simple pan for cooking over the fire was hooked onto the packs, along with a bag that contained an extra set of flint and steel.

He took Sigh to get whatever clothes she considered she needed for traveling, packing an extra set of clothes for both of them. He made their packs in regard to strength.

It was the day they were going to leave, and he was standing in the basic's of his armor, breast plate, bracers, and shin-guards. They were in the room that had been Shayne's, going over packs for the last time to make sure they had everything they needed. The door sat open for now, and Shayne was leaning over his pack, tucking the pouch of ten gold and double that in silver. He wanted it in the bottom for now, where it was reachable but harder to get to for thieves and easier to hide.
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