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Sigh smiled, her eyes getting sleepy with the exertion too. In two days then. We'll leave in two days just to make sure you're fine... regardless of what you think of as "fine." The woman chuckled. I don't really want to have to worry about a horse. If we're going to be heading into the northern country soon, I don't want to have to think about what to feed them if it snows or how to keep them warm. I already know what to do if we end up getting cold up north... She gave him a suggestive wink, grinning.

How strange this life is, when the daughter of a whore can find love in an unexpected place and get over her fears of love. Never leave me, Shayne. I love you too much. Should you ever go, I think I would die of my heart breaking itself in two. She sighed and nestled comfortably between bed and man, the meat in a sandwich. She knew that she would take her first tea tomorrow morning when she awoke, but for now she was simply content to close her eyes.

Sigh yawned softly. Go to sleep, love. I will meet you in my dreams. She kissed his forehead and promptly fell asleep.

((OOC: Feel free to time skip to departure day one. They'll be heading into Central Elefor first. Sigh wants to try to find Westrel yet because she's still nervous of dealing with her father. Sigurd would also like to say goodbye to Shayne and his wife before they leave. ;) ))
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