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Shayne snuggled closer to her, kissing one of the rippling scars softly. "As I do you."" He turned to look up at her, smiling, his breathing even and steady. My wife...in name, deed and now completely in truth... The man felt an overwhelming sense of peace, everything was right in his world.

With a quirk in his smile, he chuckled as he spoke to her. "Well, if I can fill my day with everything we've done, I figure I'm well enough for travel." He sighed with contentment. "When would you like to be gone by?" His eyes were warm and soft. It was apparent that he had no real worries of when they left. "It seems as though we'll only need to get travel clothing and food, truthfully. I can collect some money for anything we might need along the way. I assume we're not buying horses. You seem much more comfortable on your feet."

His tone was somewhat drowsy, and he yawned, as if he would be content to fall asleep then and there, regardless that it was still early for sleeping.
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