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Her passionate kiss left him breathless, and he let out a slightly whiny growl of protest as she pulled away. But her words caught his interest and he grinned at her, his eyes scanning over her where she stood. As she walked quickly into his chambers, he stood, shrugging the open shirt off of his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor near hers, it's white contrasting with the red tunic. His movements were smooth, like that of hunting cat as he moved, almost stalking but not quite.

Shayne paused in the doorway, an image of masculinity, tall and broad-shouldered, his muscles well defined. His hair was slightly wild about his face, and his eyes burned. His desire was starting to manifest physically as well, showing in a distinctive bulge in his trousers. Reaching out to hold to the doorframe for a moment, he tugged off one boot, than the other, leaving his feet bare as he padded towards the bed. His sharp eyes never left Sigh, and he swallowed at the image she presented, laying on his bed with her hair spread about her shoulders and concealing some skin from his sight.

The mattress shifted as he slid his weight onto it from the foot of the bed. Muscles rippled as he pulled himself around to face her, lying on his side, propped up on one elbow. One hand reached out to stroke through her hair, and he blinked slowly at her, smiling at her. His hand cupped her cheek, smile hovering below eyes that were lidded heavy with desire. Slowly he leaned into kiss her, scooting slightly closer.
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