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Sigh was grateful for his near immediate acceptance of her form. The warmth of his body leaked in to her skin. Her flesh tingled wherever he touched her, his fingers, his lips. It was like making a simple ripple in the calm surface of a pool that none had ever visited before. His adoration of her body only gave her more confidence in herself. His hair fell over on her as he peppered her with kisses, tickling her bare skin, causing her to smile even as her eyes closed to savor each touch all the more.

He pulled her nearer with his large hands wrapping around her. His voice came out rough, the edge of desire audible in his tone, she felt herself respond to it, opening her eyes to look into his as his lips came to hers gently. It was marvelous to find herself pressed against his chest, his naked skin against her own was like fire. It just didn't seem fair that his shirt remained on even if unbuttoned. His kisses and caresses were setting a deep longing into her.

The woman could feel the love he had for her through his words, through the way he handled her. She had seen his rage and had been injured by it, but far less from what he could have done. She had seen his lust and he had not acted upon it. She had seen his love and had been devoured by it completely. Sigh turned within the circle of his arms to press her chest against his, blushing quite brightly at the feel of the hard muscles against the softness of her own chest, kissed him with a fierce passion for only moments before pushing away from him and onto her feet, kicking off her slippers in the process. She smiled as she stood away from him, a twinkle in her eyes even as her habit to cover herself commenced as an arm crossing across her chest. There's... there's more room on the bed. I'm going there. If you want to join me, leave your shirt behind.

She turned and hurried off towards his bedchamber, settling herself on top of the covers on her side looking towards the door. Her hair curved around her shoulders and across her body, the silver streak she pushed behind her ear. The sheets were cold, but she figured that that would soon be remedied. Her socks, she yanked off and dropped to the floor. It would still be a long seduction by any standards, but more room would give her a chance to get comfortable with him as well.
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