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He waited in silence, pulling back as he felt her withdraw into herself to think. Her eyes had a slightly vacant look in them, and fear rode along side that. He didn't let her go though, continuing to run his hands along her body as she thought, hoping it would lull her a little into more confidence and maybe relaxation as well. The silence dragged on, and he couldn't help but grow nervous, until finally, she spoke once more. He swallowed, letting her go as she pulled the shirt off, and his eyes widened, heat gathering in his groin instantly as he looked upon her.

It wasn't that he hadn't seen part of her scarring before, having helped her get out of one of her dresses, and into another. But that had been from behind, and from a different angle, he found the scars all the more intriguing and fascinating. Shayne did not let her shiver in her nervousness for long. A hunger rose in his eyes, a swirl of desire mixed with love and touch of caution still. He reached out, his right hand coming to settle upon her shoulder, tracing downwards over the scars, following them in their sideways endeavors just enough to zigzag along her side. He leaned forward to kiss her neck softly, trailing kisses this time alongside her shoulder until he reached her arm, where he pulled back, feeling slightly breathless, knowing it would be a while yet before he would sate the hunger within.

His voice was rougher than before as he tugged her closer to him, "I would not dare be anything but gentle, beautiful lady." He kissed her softly, pulling back to stare into her eyes and speak once again. "You need never fear me, Sigh, in any way." He felt like it needed to be said, even as he pulled her closer, pressing her against his chest, and continuing to let his hands roam over her back, and now around her side and onto her stomach, though his kneading movements were gentler over the scars, knowing how they could pull and stretch painfully. Through their journey, his hands would come close, but never quite move over her chest. It was a seduction, and he was setting out for it to be a slow one, to make her comfortable, not only with him, but with herself. But his eagerness would show through in the passionate kisses he bestowed upon her, each one heated with a slightly different level of his passion. He trailed along her jaw and down her neck, alternating between kisses and soft nips.
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