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Sigh relaxed further as he began running his fingers through her hair. It had been brushed through that morning and was fairly tanglefree as it was. There was just that sensation of his fingers brushing through it, the soft hiss of it as his fingers went past her ear. His voice was kind, his words more than gentle and more full of fondness than the woman felt that she deserved. His cheek rubbed against the side of her forehead, near her eye socket, and she smiled, knowing that he missed. Her shorter stature seemed to inhibit his abilities to judge where things were.

He is wonderful to me. I've never thought that I could have this feeling, to have met someone so kind to me. He is cruel and ruthless and fire that cuts everything that lives and breathes, but to me... he is the fire that heats my soul, the ruthless sword that cuts down those who seek to harm me, cruel to his enemies. He caught me before I knew I was caught... The kiss on the ship, the kiss in her suites against the door, the passion in his kiss after she had stolen the last bit of his glaze, his arms around her as she slept, the way he crushed her to his body when he embraced her... Her heart fluttered. It was all still there, the passion, an ember burning below the ashes of a dead woman's memories. Shayne breathed on it with his words, rekindling the spark beneath it all.

She tilted her head, her hair falling back from her face as she looked at him. Kiss me then, husband mine. Erase my uncertainties and love me. Sigh smiled, her eyes brightening as she tilted her chin up towards him to receive whatever kiss he wanted to bestow, whether the light one of his gentle love or the fierce one of his hungry passion.
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