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Shayne listened quietly, still wanting her to look up at him, where he could properly see her face and look into her eyes while reassuring her. He had heard of nightshade, though not by the name belladonna, and was surprised that it was used as a contraceptive. It was poisonous, and mortally so. He frowned slightly, but let that train of thought slip away. To each woman a different solution. Instead he waited until she was done speaking, and a few more seconds slipped by as he put together words to explain what he wanted.

He kissed the top of her head, not sure if she would move to let him kiss her properly, and spoke, his free hand running gently through her dark brown hair. "You cannot change a lifetime of experience in a few weeks, love. I don't expect you to. As it is, you've become so very different from the cold cruelty that was all you had when I first met you... Look at you now. You've lost your heart, and to a scoundrel like me, no less." He smiled slightly, ducking his head a little to peer at her face where she hid behind her hair. "You did not lie, because I never asked what you had gotten from the nurses. There is no way you could bring shame to me." He paused a moment,and then continued. "I expected you to be surprised that I thought of such a thing... but that was because most men never ask. Many believe it's the woman's duty to make sure that she prevents children...and for the majority of my life, I have left it like that. But this was different. You're my wife, and we have a journey to go on, a quest to fulfill... and I'm protective of you in every way... I do not wish to see you not complete what you've set out to do with your life." He rubbed his cheek against where he thought hers was gently.

"Come, my heart. Come back out of your bubble, let me kiss you and show you how wonderful you are." His soft smile was warm and his eyes filled with a slightly brighter heat, carefully tempered with patience and love.
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