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Kelter looked back to find the guards gone, and instinct told him to simply leap off the bridge and run back to where they had come from to escape the guards. He caught Jik reading aloud off the list. So that's what that is, he thought. Instructions. He was about to suggest his idea as Jik came alongside him but Jik had opened his mouth first. He closed his mouth, seeing that Jik had taken the parchment's advice. As it had seemed to serve them well so far, Kelter closed his mouth and stopped.

There had been something that had caught his eye as he was climbing. "Back this way," he said, running back across the bridge. He scanned the buildings that littered (albeit in a rather neat fashion) the sides of the street and found the one that he was looking for. A sun in a circle marked a building, outlined in black with barely visible yellow within against the sandstone wall. A paladin had brandished that symbol once.

He was certainly a paladin, full of airs and graces and rather confident that Kelter would die at his hands. He'd ridden his horse well – amazingly well – and, if he were to tell the truth, Kelter would admit to having some trouble dismounting him. After that it was rather easy to plunge his kama into his forehead and ruin the paladin's plans of collecting the bounty that he was hoping too. Kelter had heard that the funeral was a sad one. None of that quite mattered now, though.

"Church," Kelter said, pointing at the symbol aas he walked towards the doorway. "This better work." The bridge was joined to the upper-level of the building and led to a doorway covered with some kind of fabric, the building's only entry. Kelter pushed his way in.
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