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Shayne visibly relaxed a little. But it was then that he noticed Sigh's stiffness, her tone and her expression mimicking the same tensity. He took a slow breath. Never having known what herbs women used to keep from getting pregnant, he saw no need to ask now. Each different one had its own dangers, and he didn't wish to alienate Sigh any further than it seemed he had already.

Moving slowly, he tightened his arm slightly around her, urging her to let her body mold easily into his once more, and brought his free hand up to caress her jaw, mixing the touch with a gentle lifting motion, wanting her to look at him. He didn't understand her reluctance. It made no sense, how she could tease him and have her passions flame into being while they were out in the grass, but the instant they were near the bedroom she was as shy and stiff as any virgin. Perhaps because of her mother... But he could not, with honor, leave her, now that they were married. He could not even have one of the temples annul it, since it was not done in a temple, but a blood bond. The only way to revoke it was to both agree to revoke it, and even then, they were still, in some ways, bonded. With the herbs to help, she would not get with child, so there was no fear there..

"What is wrong, Sigh?" His voice was soft and gentle, his eyes slightly concerned, but patient and calm. A small spark of hurt flared for a moment. "Do you believe I would push for anything you do not willingly give? I simply do not wish to be unprepared... We have a journey ahead of us. My quest is finished, now we must go on yours..." He wasn't sure why she had become so tense. He was being responsible, which was not at all typical for him, wish his rash decisions.
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