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Jik sprung up at the rope as soon as Kelter was high enough for him to leap well. The guards were almost upon them. The hiskr coiled the rope up around one of his legs as he climbed. He would leave them nothing to climb, though he did stick his tongue out them as they began shouting.

Come back here! Shaking their fists was doing nothing and none had a bow on them, most fortunately for the hiskr suspended in midair. We need to get to Second Street! Come on! They dashed off towards one of the nearest lift buckets.

The hiskr thief hopped lightly onto the bridge and coiled his rope expertly, tucking the grappling hook into his bag and tugging up his hood. There was no use trying to act as if he lived there. He pulled out his List and glanced at it. If dodged pursuit for now, but pursuit still on way, find place to hide until situation cools down... Yes, that sound good to Jik.

Kelter was already off and moving away from the bridge. Jik ran fast to catch up and stepped quickly beside him. Jik suggest finding brothel or church to hide in. If Short Man find one, tell Jik and we go. The hiskr kept his eyes on the buildings trying to find the telltale signs of one of the other. Half naked women or symbols of the gods were all he needed. The guards would be on the same street soon.
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