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Sigh was comfortable and warm. Shayne was making her feel quite at ease beside him as he scooped his arm around her. He was smiling. She was smiling. He spoke of wanting to be out on the road as did she. It lulled her into a false sense of serenity. Her heart settled, her breathing found itself to be regular, steady, and slow. It was so easy to simply mold her body to fit beside his.

Then he moved... The nervous quality in his voice automatically caused her to tense. He was hesitating at first. What about the road? It's just a road. There's nothing wrong with the road just being the road. Is there? No. Of course not! He doesn't want to see into the bag, right?! He continued. Push me into...? Oh! Oh! He's talking about now?! But... But I'm not ready now! I'm not ready for that right now. I mean, I want to. Do I? Yes, yes. Yes, I do eventually with him, but... He wants us to do it on a bed first, I assume, because beds are what... people do it on? Oh darkness... And then he barrelled on ahead. Oh. Oh. Thought and word came out together. She was torn between embarrassment because she already had the herbs and relief that he agreed with the plan she had decided upon without talking to him first. It is my body so I should have made the decision myself anyway. Though I did promise myself to him... But I have things to do first! I can't be a fat, waddling cow by the time I find my way to my father's tower and tell him that it is time for him to acknowledge me! But it's not just about me now, I suppose... By the Abyss, this is irritating. Sigh realized suddenly that she had been quiet for quite a long while.

They're in the satchel. They're marked with a B on the parchment. I will use them in an undoubtedly awful tasting tea. If I am sick for more than one day or end up vomiting blood after use, I will have to stay off of them for at least a month. I know how to brew it correctly. I know this recipe from... my mother. She said everything in a fairly monotone voice, as if medically reciting something. Her body was fairly rigid and stiff though she hadn't moved from his side at all. She also was not looking at him, her face impassive.
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