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Kelter stared at the item that Jik pulled out of the sack, and as he neared Jik's no longer running figure, he realised that it was a grappling hook. Kelter then watched the grappling hook latched onto the bridge above. He noticed Jik's grin and then looked back at the soldiers, one of which kicking up as cloud of dust as he slid around the corner. Then, Kelter leapt onto the rope.

He swung slightly and the bridge sagged noticeably. He immediately began to climb, pushing one clenched hand above the other slowly, wondering why he was climbing and not running. His hood slid off and he swore. He reached the top and then began to scramble onto the bridge, his legs kicking awkwardly as he pushed his chest onto the planks of the bridge.

He caught sight of the guards and realised that they were close. He almost tore the grappling hook off the rope, leaving Jik to the guards. But Jik would be useful – for now. Barely giving himself chance to catch his breath, he stood on the planks, again listening to that unsettling creak, and set off across the bridge away from the guards. Jik would soon catch up anyway. He hurriedly slid the hood back over his head.
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