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Jik smiled as his claws wove around the grappling hook nestled in his satchel. Success! His oddly colored eyes scanned the level above First Street, presumably an aptly named "Second Street," for a place to hook onto. There was a rope and plank bridge that looked likely and it was just ahead with no level-to-level buckets in sight. It would be a climb, it looked like. Jik never thought to ask if Kelter could climb, but rather assumed that, by the virtue of being a thief, he could.

The hiskr thief swung the clawed metal contraption up and grinned triumphantly as it caught hold of the rope handrail of the bridge above. Short Man first! Climb! Climb! He made up motions with his hands. He would go up last so he could roll up the rope behind them. Well, presumably.

The guards were thundering ahead, visible now from around the corner that they had come from. There were seven burly men. Three appeared to be half orc and the rest were darker skinned humans, tanned from such a harsh environment. They wore fairly heavy armor and were grinning with evil intent. It was time for the two of them to be gone from this level and find some place to hide before planning their escape. Jik should have never trusted Short Man. All his fault. Killing and dropping body from such height! Tsk tsk!
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