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"Steal shineys?" Kelter asked, smiling. "Ha! I thought as much!" However, he could speak no more as the shouting of guards and the rattling of their armour could be heard nearby. His breath would best be saved for running, and Kelter did not need to be told twice. He ran after Jik, the tails of his jacket billowing after his and his feet kicking up sand despite his best attempts at soft footfalls. He sheathed his weapons hurriedly as he ran.

Kelter watched as he caught glimpse of the parchment again in Jik's hands. Wondering what in anyone's name was on it, he could only see words written on it. That much he'd already figured out. Kelter was soon falling behind as Jik's legs and height gave him an advantage in acts such as running – another thing that dwarves had clearly not been created for. Hopefully, the armour of the guards would be slowing them down just as much.

Kelter was already beginning to run short of breath and now he caught Jik rummaging through a sack, full of what he hoped would be something useful and not more parchment. That's all I need, he thought. Someone who wants to be noticed. Kelter began to pant as he continued to follow Jik. At least he knew how to escape guards...
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