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Jik's attention had been on Kelter until the elf woman sprang on the dwarf. He whirled to watch the stabbed creature fly over the side of the bridge, the body whistling down quite aways before it hit the sand in a poof. The hiskr's eyes were wide as he clasped rope. Oh boy... That's a long way down. Nevermind the black hooded man nearby. Oh yeah. He looked to the side, at Kelter. Short Man, this is bad. This is very bad. Now Jik is accomplice in murder! Idiot! Now how is this one going to steal shineys from jewelry store?!

The body dropped from over here! There are some people! Come, fellows! The heavy armored men came on, their rattling armor designating them the town guards, or town mercenaries as it was. Paid by the city to persecute cutthroats and thieves, they had no problem robbing a man before tossing him into jail. Jik didn't want that to happen to him. He still had a decently, goodly sum in his pocket purse.

Run. This way. Come, Short Man, or we find selves in jail! He yanked the piece of parchment out of his pocket to reconfirm as he began to run in the opposite direction that the armored feet were coming from. No... no... no... If being chased by town guards, do NOT get caught. Okay, Jik think he can do that. Good smart, List. He ran and began to paw through his sack, trying to find something useful. Oh, like that grappling hook that he carried for difficult shiney fetchings and emergencies.
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