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Kelter could hear footsteps on the bridge. They were faint, the person making them clearly trying to avoid making much of a noise. But the creaking of the bridge and the faint sound of stretching rope betrayed him. Kelter remained motionless, looking up at Jik only slightly as he fumbled his way through this. Not only was Jik annoying Kelter, but now he was suspicious as well. The footsteps continued. Suddenly Jik was shouting and the footsteps were drowned beneath them. Kelter remained unusually calm, and between bouts of Jik's screaming Kelter heard the footsteps speed up. And then all but disappear.

Kelter turned as quick as a flash, pulling out his dagger and the back of his jacket spinning around him. The quillons of his dagger opened as he held it up, catching a medium sized hunting knife in its steel embrace. He moved his dagger aside, bringing the hunting knife with it and throwing it into the sand, and then drew his schiavona quickly. He slashed across his would-be murderer's stomach with the sword, soaking the cloth in blood, and the murdere bent down to reveal a familiar face. This motion was followed with an unexpected sound.

The groan of a woman. The elf from the tavern was in fact a woman and here to collect the bounty on kelter's head. He thrust his dagger up into the elf's neck and cleanly cut through half her neck. He moved back to avoid the blood that now soaked into the sand and pushed her gurgling body over the edge of the canyon with the side of his arm. He closed the quillons of his dagger, his hands and forearms flecked with blood, and stood with his weapons at his side, looking down at the elf.

Amateur, he thought.
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