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Jik frowned as the Short Man began to question him. Jik here to appraise it. Then the hiskr realized that he had used a mysterious "fluffy woman" as his cover for finding jewelry stores in the first place. Annnd get present for fluffy woman. His eyes darted from side to side. Both.

And before the thief knew what was going on, his guide was talking like he was getting ready to leave. What?! Why Short Man say he help out when he doesn't know anything?! List was RIGHT! WARY OF MAN WITH HOOD! Only make sense to bring me here if he try to lure this one somewhere... His accomplice must have gotten lost which is what he was looking for. Or else--! The accomplice is hidden nearby and waiting for Jik to do the wrong thing! This one needs to summon the town guards! Jik's eyes narrowed and his ears went flat, his tail growing slightly puffy as he looked at Kelter. He sucked in a deep breath and began to shout very loudly. Short Man is a cutpurse! Short Man wants to murder Jik! Short Man wears hood! 'Ware of Short Man! 'Ware! FIEND! It would draw attention pretty quick unless he was stopped one way or another.
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