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Jik bolted to the jewellery store and Kelter sighed heavily. I swear, if there's no reward for helping this thorn in my side out, he thought. And then he heard it. Jik was complaining, of all things. He may as well just slaughter him now. As Jik asked him what was going on, he took his time stepping towards Jik. When he reached him, he kept the same distance that he did in the bar.

"I thought I saw something," Kelter said, looking at Jik and then through the window of the jewellery store. "Are you here to appraise or are you here to get jewellery for fluffy woman?" he asked bluntly. Or, perhaps conveniently both? Now that Kelter was actually paying attention to what Jik was saying, he noticed that he was slightly more annoying than he'd initially thought.

Kelter sighed as if he had run out of options, and he certainly wasn't far from it. "I don't know of any other stores around here. I only just got here myself." Kelter's hand twitched towards the dagger beneath his jacket. It would be easy. The sand would soak up the blood nicely and there was a cliff nearby where he could haul this fool's body off to make it look like an accident.

But for some reason he didn't. Kelter felt that someone was watching. He bowed his head slightly, covering more of his face in shadow. "My apologies on not being able to help further," he said, trying to avoid the urge to turn around. Jik would ask more questions and Kelter would have no answers.
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