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Dmitri finished his food and flopped over and wriggled a little. His back was itchy and so, like a wolf, he was going to lengths to fix it, squirming his legs and torso this way and that to scratch himself using the grass beneath him. It wasn't the easiest nor the best method, but it did something.

At least they will not be taken off guard and cannot get upset about that. I've heard that some parents find it rude when their children are not announced after a time away from the family. I have no idea what mine would do. They probably think that I am dead which is probably the best for all of them. He said the last without emotion. It was a truism. They felt that he had killed his wife, which he had but it was an accident, but then to be tried, found guilty, and sentenced to a hanging only to be gifted to a traveling wizard who set up a pyramid and used people as test subjects for his magic... Oh yes, it was much better to be "dead." The man who had once been a wolf sighed. What will you tell them of me then? Or should I make myself scarce three miles from the place of your birth? I suppose a man like myself is... rather not acceptable to a family as well known and respected as yours? He chuckled and began to count his fingers as well as list what he was. Convicted man, murderer, sentenced to hanging, former werewolf, and now landless man. He held up his open palm. At least five marks against me from the start. Dmitri smiled, his eyes twinkling. He did not find his past so disconcerting.
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