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As the short man asked about the "theeup," Jik realized that he must make up things quickly. Jik, believing that he was a master of quick thinking... at times, felt that this was a do-able scenario. Theeup is, uh, textiles. Jik like fabrics. Smooth knots, artistic weavings, so on, so on. Is very hard to explain if Short Man does not know it. Should leave it to the experts. He nodded. Oh yes, Jik's fluffy woman love... pretty things. More nodding ensued.

The creaky bridge that they had to cross was most unsettling to the feline man. His tail fluffed out and swung agitatedly, almost as if he was either going to use it to balance should only certain planks fall out from beneath his feet or use it to strangle himself with so he'd be peacefully dead by asphyxiation rather than from blunt force trauma of meeting the earth straight on.

Though Kelter did not wish the hiskr to notice it, the jewelry store stood out like a well worn shoe amidst... well worn gloves. His gold and green eyes lit up and he pelted over to stand beside the window, paws to the glass for a moment, looking in, his eyes hungrily eating up the shineys laid out therein. But things were small. Little gold rings with etched decoration with no stones, silver chains accented with fabric doodads. This is awful! These are disgraces to shineys everywhere! Short Man, you have found me a jewelry store, but Jik needs better shineys! Where is better location for big shineys? Would look for... stones at least half size of Jik's eyes. Where is one? Nothing else is worth as much! Is no good to, uh... appraise iddy biddy stones... He turned back around to realize that Kelter was looking for something else already. What you see, Short Man?
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