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"Theeup?" Kelter asked. "Is that a kind of metal or jewel I haven't heard of yet? Or, perhaps some kind of traditional desert wear?" Kelter, barely paying attention to Jik's words, had not noticed the stumble and mistook it for an actual word. He was more focussed on wondering how best to steal money from him in a town that was completely exposed.

"Because if it is something traditional, this fluffy woman seems as arty as you, Jik." His voice seemed to be not at all distracted but his eyes were scanning the horizon past the bridge. More buildings and more sand. Lovely, he thought. Kelter paused before setting foot on the bridge. Eyeing it untrustingly, he stepped onto the first plank and it creaked, low and quietly. Of course. Of course...

He stepped across the bridge, the rest of it less creaky yet also less stable, (Of course...) when Kelter nearly stopped dead in his tracks. The second closest building to him mocked him with its very existence. A jewellery store. He continued walking, hoping that Jik wouldn't notice the faded, sand-worn sign or any of the other details that made it different from the other stone buildings.

Then again, he was standing on a bridge. It'd probably be easy enough to push him against the rope that passed as a handrail and threaten to kick him off if he didn't hand over his money. Looking ahead, Kelter found that the town was empty. Not that it could possibly be anything else. Realising that he had better act fast and that Jik was slightly behind him, Kelter stopped and turned around, looking back at where he had just come from for no particular reason.

He stood on his side, his stomach to Jik, feigning being mindful of Jik's personal space and not wanting to take up too much room. He covered his eyes with one hand and then, hoping to draw Jik's attention away from the jewellery store, said something.

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