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It was an odd thought when tablemanners came to mind. She had never held very well with noble table manners, but she had always eaten neatly, if voraciously as a wolf. Father won't be happy at all... not only is he a commoner, he's been out of society for years.. She let the thought trail off, frustrated at herself for finding such human things even remotely important. As a wolf, she knew what she felt, and that was that she'd found a partner, of like mind. We just won't stay for dinner.. She blinked slowly, thinking now how to answer his question.

"There was only two children in my family, unless they've had more since. My elder brother, who's married, and gone, and me... And they'll most likely knew before we reach within three miles of the town..." They were always well informed, and well liked, so gossip traveled to her family fast.

It was odd, talking so much. She couldn't remember the last time she'd spoken every day since she had met Leeli, and the rest of the group. Keira hardly had believed she would not return to her old ways once they disbanded. But having Dmitri still there... She smiled as she ate. She would not send him away.
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