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Jik smiled and followed the dwarf out of the tavern, the elf's eyes following them as they went even as the tavern wench polished off the rest of Jik's beer. The hiskr blinked his eyes in the brightness and then followed along easily, mostly beside, but partially behind the dwarf. The paper told him to be wary and wary he would be. This way he could see at least the man's arms and could potentially move if necessary. As the buildings were mostly stone, there was little that he could climb on save for the ropes and ladders of the bridges that went across and up and down.

This very nice of you, Short Man. This one was worried that the jewelry store would be hard to find. Jik likes shiney things, uh... for, uh, fluffy woman. He grinned, his feline teeth pearly white in the bright, hot sunlight. He was a little surprised when his newfound friend asked for his name.

This one is Jik, master t--, uh... appraiser. He had been about to say "thief," but the whole thing came out as "theeup appraiser" instead. Jik looks at many shineys in order to find value in stones, statues, carvings, uh, arty things. This one enjoys... the art. What brings Short Man to the City with Faces in Rock? You collect shineys? Jik! Stop saying things like that! He might think this one steals! Jik doesn't steal! It borrow permanently! And by borrow, that means resell at higher value in different market. No! Think like an appraiser. Stroke chin now!

The hiskr stroked his chin as if he was either appraising something very valuable or coming up with a good idea even though he was simply looking ahead of them where a loosely hanging rope and plank bridge joined them to another section of the city.
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