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The hiskr's hands rubbing together unnerved Kelter slightly. As did the piece of paper he pulled out of his pocket. Is that a map? he thought quickly, although the expression on the hiskr's face suggested otherwise. If that was a map, then Kelter's plans would be ruined. And if that was a map, then clearly the hiskr couldn't read it or else he wouldn't have asked for directions. Although perhaps desert folk didn't mark their jewellery stores...

"Call me 'Short Man' if you wish. I've had worse," he said, stepping out of the tavern. Kelter looked left and right, hoping to find an alley where he could lead the hiskr down. But there were none. Buildings were tightly packed together with barely any space in between for a mouse. Kelter started walking left of the tavern, his back to the sun.

"Not so far," Kelter said. "Just down this street, round th' corner," He adjusted his kama, his eyes constantly scanning the makeshift street, sand shimmering in the heat, everything warmer than usual in Kelter's eyes. His heat sight had clearly been bestowed upon his race without the desert in mind. He supposed that he should ask the hiskr his name. Silence on the walk might give him second thoughts.

"And who are you, hiskr?" he asked, turning his head only slightly to face him.
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