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Jik rubbed his hands together eagerly. A guide even! How spectacular! Jik didn't expect that someone would lead Jik to the jewelry store! Now this one doesn't even have to remember directions! He reached into his pocket, briefly looked through his list. 'If someone in a hood offers to lead you to somewhere, be wary.' Jik pursed his lips together. Well, that is discouraging. Oh well, Jik needs to get taken to the shineys. Short man will do it.

Perfect! Jik thanks short man for the assistance. What is short man's name? It most rude to call short man "Short Man." The dirty looking hiskr smiled brightly, only managing to show off his sharp feline teeth, slipping his parchment back into his pocket and sliding out of his chair. He stood taller that the dwarf by a goodly amount though he was shorter than both the humans and the elf present in the establishment. Perhaps short man feels very short. Height differential possibly a bitter topic. Jik likes feeling tall. For once. I am tall man! Very tall!

The barkeep looked a little bit peeved now that two of his very few customers were leaving. He knew that he didn't have any woman flesh that would cause any man in his right mind to stay so he didn't say anything. So how far is jewelry store from here? Far far, not far, next door? Remember, Jik! Must be careful around short man because he wears hood!
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