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Kelter found himself eyeing the elf again. The elf was too flat-chested to be a woman, and yet there was this certain femininity about...it. Then again, the waitress was far too grotesque to be human, let alone feminine. Peculiar, he thought again. It seemed desert folk were as different as they came. Suddenly, the hiskr spoke up. It was clear there had been no fluffy women in his life for quite some time.

"Jewellery store?" Kelter asked, leaning back on his chair and straightening his back. He downed his beer in a gulp and then set the stein down. He coughed from the taste of it. He tightened his arm guards slowly as he spoke. "The desert is a wonderful place for all sorts of gold for the ladies." He pushed his chair back with some effort and slid off it, his feet hitting the floor with a loud thud. The chair's legs scraped against the floor as he pushed it back in and walked towards the hiskr.

Kelter stopped a safe distance away from him, far away enough so that he couldn't be attacked and so that he didn't have to tilt his head up too much to stare at the hiskr's mismatched eyes. Anyone strange was unworthy of trust. This hiskr would be fast though, and so Kelter was quite a distance away from him. His hood lay comfortably above his brow, covering his eyes in darkness.

"I can take you to a jewellery store. Just round th' corner," he said, maintaining his distance. He supposed that it wasn't work if it was as easy as this. He stepped towards the exit, keeping his distance and staying in the darkness. It was unwise to take his eyes off the elf, however.
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