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Jik stuck his tongue into the mug and took a small lap of the suds at the top. It could not be classified as foam, but suds it was. This stuff tastes like cow piss. Wonder if they have cow here. No no! Jik must ask about jewelry store! This stuff is big ripoff... His quiet remark went mostly unnoticed. He slid the beverage away from himself and stood up, rolling his shoulders, his tail twitching at its tip.

This one needs to find a jewelry store. Where is nearest and best? Jik must... find present for... fluffy woman. His eyes darted about. The pauses in his speech seemed very obvious that he was trying to think of what to fill them with instead of simply being right at the tip of his tongue as they should have been if he was truly wanting to find a present for his girlfriend. Jik, of course, had no girlfriend. Jik was okay with the fact that he had no girlfriend. They were baggage and required too much work. And girlfriends chased better and faster than any town guard. Most vested interest, he supposed.

His dual colored eyes swept over the short man in black and ruffles, the barkeep in his turban, and the elf down at the other end who looked very girly. Is that one a girl? Jik is not so sure... The serving wench, well, Jik didn't want to look at her again if he could avoid it.
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