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Peculiar, Kelter thought. The way this hiskr spoke was, to say the least, different. And rushed, he continued, eyeing the way the hiskr man held himself. Kelter's keen ears picked up the sound of coins in his pocket – enough to be worthy of his or any thief's time. Kelter continued to smile, a barely visible but sharp twist of his mouth, at the lady's laughter and the speech that came afterwards. The hiskr seemed unfazed by the desert lady's behaviour and simply looked at his glass.

Kelter then cast his eyes towards the elf. The bartender had been keeping his gaze on him more than any of the other occupants of the bar – although judging by the thing that passed as the waitress, that was understandable. The elf had been in here when Kelter had entered, sitting, waiting, maybe even hiding – whether from the heat or from the guards it was hard to tell. Whatever the case, the elf was quiet and that made him suspcicious.

Kelter then noticed that the three guests to the tavern were seated in a triangle. Both himself and the elf were in corners of the bar, both an equal distance from the hiskr who sat near the bar. It was rather interesting what the mind noticed when it had nothing else to think about. He then remembered that he was supposed to be thinking of illicit activities to indulge in tonight, however right now relaxing for a few days seemed more enticing.

The authorities would have a hard enough time tracking him here as it was, although for all he knew they were simply relieved that he had left. Perhaps just one night of rest and relaxation, then. Kelter supposed that crime could take a holiday.
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