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Jik looked around, his ears perked up in a happy fashion, his oddly colored eyes sparkling. New place, new people, new adventures... in theft. Bartender in turban, scowly face short man, big breasted old lady with tray, scraggly haired elf in corner... Is male or female? This one cannot tell. Jik should... Jik's eyes scanned the place quickly, trying to sum up all the people in a few words to find the one most likely to give him the information he sought. Deciding that none of them were going to be helpful on a one-on-one basis, he decided to make himself comfortable. This one would like... a beverage... of the cheap sort! Just one!

Sure, sure, fuzzy. Don't get jer tail in a kink. The serving woman went to the bar to fetch him a drink. The mildly unappetizing beer was their specialty. But it was obvious to all that the woman was past her prime when it came to luring customers in off the street. She sagged in all the wrong places, her hair was dry and brittle looking, and the makeup she wore made her look like a clown from a circus.

Jik looked at the beverage suspiciously when it came, but he fished some coins out of the small coinpurse in his pocket and slipped two copper onto the table. Kitty, it's three.

Oh. Fine, fine, fine. Jik is being hosed. This one understands. He slid the third copper onto the table and pushed the purse further into his pocket. You did not spit in it, yes?

The woman laughed loudly. I should've! Fluffy folk think they are more than they're worth. She wandered off again, looking for something else to do.

Jik looked at the mug of beer, turning it this and that way to see if something changed about it. The thing that the hiskr didn't really see was that now all the men in the Buzzard Bait Inn and Tavern now knew where he kept his money. However, none of them knew that his pants had a loop that the purse was tied securely too. It had been the bane of many pickpockets. In fact, Jik being a thief, knew that this was the best way to keep a pickpocket unhappy. It was amazing the tricks you think up if you're of the same profession.
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