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There comes a time in everyone's life when they hit rock bottom. This was not that time in Jikai Rakshasa's life. Not yet anyway. The air was crisp, hot, dry, scratchy. Mostly the scratchy. Jik had sand in his cloak. Well, perhaps there was a lot in his pants too. He squinted into the light, placing a furred hand over his eyes to help see. It was full daylight. There were carrion birds circling, circling, circling. Jik is beginning to think the vultures are waiting for him to die so they might pluck out his yummy nutritious eyes. Stupid vultures. Jik has water! Idiots... He shook his fist and pulled the cowl up over his head to block the light a bit more as he tried to maintain his ability to walk on top of the sand instead of just through. Unfortunately, he sunk more than he scrabbled over it. He took a pull out of his waterskin, thankful that he had thought ahead enough to steal one from that guide that he had sort of implied that he would hire, should he have money, were he willing to pay with the money that he did not have yet, if he wanted a guide. Which he didn't. Obviously.

The canyon face yawned above him suddenly, openings here and there dotting all over its broad surface. There were people moving above him on rope and wood bridges. Jik believes that he has arrived at his destination. Tour guide says 'Many gems they have at Canyonface City. All cut, all color, all quality.' Jik knows quality when he sees it. He sees many ugly rocks right now. Yay...

He reached into his pocket, picking out the sand granules as he went along before he found his old piece of parchment. Ah! The list! It says... Hmm hmm hmm no no no. No... Almost, but... uh, ah ha! 'When reaching new place of business, research local places of interest like jewelry shop, bank, art dealer, rug merchant, bazaar...' Yes, very good. Now... Looks like up is the way to go. Go, Jik, go!

Jikai, in his blue cloak, stood near the near sheer cliff of the new city, admiring how the wind must have smoothed it with a huge, unruly amount of pressure. Sandstorms maybe? He shrugged. It seemed that the people who lived here used large buckets and pulley systems to move up and down. It looked relatively unstable to the hiskr thief, but he was willing to give it a go, at least for the first time. He approached the darkly skinned human man near the bucket at this section of the wall. Jik want to go up. How?

The man blinked at the dirty looking hiskr. Fellow, are you some sort of beggar? We don't need anymore beggars.

Jik's fur ruffled and he frowned which only served to show his pointed teeth. Jik is an honest man! He doesn't need to beg. He works hard for the monies in his pockets. Now Jik wants to go up!

The man still looked hesitant. I think--

UP! Jik pointed upwards with a clawed finger, getting to the point where he was going to just scale the rope instead or try his grapple hook to get onto one of the lower bridges.

All right! All right! Into the bucket! The man held out his hand to indicate that Jik was supposed to get into the large, round wooden thing to go up as he wanted to.

So Jik, being a reasonable fellow, went into the bucket, the door snapping shut behind him. The air woofed past him as the bucket's lever was pushed, sending weights down to bring the bucket high. His teeth bared in fear as his ears settled against his head. Jiiiiik noooooot liiiiiike thiiiiiisssss! Thankfully, he arrived, unharmed on First Street, the lowest street in all of Canyonface City. And right in front of him was the seediest tavern on all of First Street, Buzzard Bait Inn and Tavern.

Ah! Friendly place for drink and talk of where Jik can find nice jewelry shop for finding the shineys. So he went in. It was dark, dry, dusty, and smelled like someone had died in the backroom before getting rubbed with salt and then put on a rack to roast. There were lots of empty tables because it was still day time when most people were trying to rest and get out of the heat in more suitable places of better repute.

Jik took a nice seat near the bar, at his own table. Jik approves of this seat. He smiled and settled in, his tail twitching as he looked around for some likely person to ask.
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