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Caron's digits found their way into pockets and into boots... These boots are just my size... He pulled them off after unstringing the laces, a coin purse falling out of the left one. The priest-thief smiled and tied it to a string he had around his neck. Then he sat down to pull on the boots and string them up again. Then he moved back towards the belt pouches and found some fishing line and a few hooks. So he took the unconscious man's belt too and strung it around his waist. So decked out in "new" "finery," he was ready to go. He placed his hands on his hips and struck a victorious adventurer's pose just for fun before he laughed softly at himself and followed Elle back out into the wild woods.

It was a priest's skill, Elle. Randatis grants light and protection to all who are faithful believers, solid in the priesthood of His Name. We call it Lux Lucis Caecus Nitor. So... What do we know about our new little friend? His voice was cheerful now that he had received some generous, albeit unintentional, donations to the Wandering Adventurer fund of Caron. The little girl remained a mystery and now that they had her, what were they going to do with her?
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