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Elle shifted Amabel on her hip to put the dagger that Caron had picked up back in its rightful place. "I suppose I'll send Tera out on a scout. She'll be able to find the river sooner than we will and it'll be easier to locate our direction from there. But for now we better head this way." Elle started moving in the general direction they would have continued on if they hadn't had to make the detoured loop around.

Tera bolted ahead into the trees, using her sensitive nose to scent out any form of food or water or unsafe trails. Every now and then she'd let out a soft bark loud enough for Elle to hear in order to map out a general path to follow and Elle made the direction changes as necesary.

A light smile lingered on the half elf's lips. She had seen the nimble fingers of a theif feathering about on the man who had attacked her. It was so strange to see a criminal act look so reassuring and amusing. Amusing by the fact that the man would wake up to wonder what hit him and how all his personal belongings seemed to disapear. And the reassuring part stemmed from that Caron was exactly who he said he was.

Elle listened to Amabel's breathing deepen and become slower with sleep and the little head on Elle's sholder tilted forward to lean against her neck. With the little one sleeping, Elle quietly presented her question from earlier. "Caron? So what was that light thing earlier?"
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