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Elle realised that Amabel's mother was probably dead and by the look of Caron, his thoughts could very well have headed that direction at some point too. "You're right Caron, we should move if we wish to gain distance from him." Elle smiled at Amabel. "May I cary you?" After a long moment, the girl nodded. Elle carefully scooped up the girl and cuddled her to her chest. From this close up, Elle could see where bruises were starting to show under the skin, probably from the fall.

Now she talked to Caron. "She doesn't appear to be hurt, just some bruising I think." The girl was surprisingly trustful depsite being locked up in a nightmare of a place like that. The half-elf wondered how the girl could be so calm after what she's gone through. "Do you think you could grab my knife...?" She paused for a moment. Elle didn't know of a safe place to hide in these woods. She'd never been this far in the trees, so close to a wasteland. Elle had stayed close to where food and life thrived. "Caron, do you know your way around these trees? Because for once, I think I may be lost..." And it was surprisingly hard to admit.

Tera wandered close to Elle's ankles as her Alpha waited on an answer and an okay to go.

(i've noticed i said 'surprislingly' a lot and I also realized, when I used Dialogue for Amabel, I forgot to change the color in the last post. Whoops XD)
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