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When Elle's fingertips found the edge of the hole, her nails dug in to get a surer purchace and she used a good deal of her strength to help haul her weight up. She didn't think of herself as heavy, but she knew that from the angles in which they were working, her weight was plenty enough to cause a struggle. Her dagger slid away on the dirt when she tossed it over and managed to climb out.

Safely on flat ground she looked at Caron with her breath slightly uneven from the effort. "Thank you." It came out more of a whisper than she meant it too and realized she was more winded than she expected. After a second of composing herself and breathing normal again, she moved to crouch in front of the girl. "What's your name little one?"

The large, childish orbs landed on Elle's face. "Amabel." She cowered into the fuzzy warmth that was Tera, blocking the girl from falling back down the trap. The wolf found it strange that the human did not fear the wolf but didn't react when tiny hands clenched fur. Even Elle saw it as odd since it was expected for most people to be afraid of a wild animal even if Tera obayed commands. Wild was wild, but Amabel did not seem to know that Tera was wild. Atleast, that's what it looked like.

"Amabel, I am Elle, my wolf friend is Tera and the man is Caron. Where did you come from, Amabel? Where's your mommy?"

Amabel looked towards Caron, her eyes holding a little recognition. "Wizard Master knew you.. I dont know where mommy is, the evil man took her."
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