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The big man seemed to relax a little as his finger closed around hers. Relief washed through him, and the feeling of her small hand in his, cooler than his skin, made him want to pull her into a close hug, but he resisted. Instead, he tucked her hand into the crook of his arm, starting to walk slowly so as to not cause her to stumble. His arm lent his strength to her if she needed the balance. The seams of his shirt stretched a little as he moved, and he matched his step to hers a little, headed towards the garden.

He stayed quiet until they reached the gardens, and even then, he kept his voice quiet as he did start to speak. "I believe I owe you an apology..." He hesitated, swallowing and biting his lip momentarily as he looked down. "I.." He sighed slightly, "I won't make excuses..."

Shayne's free hand reached across his body, resting for a moment on her fingers, looking over at her, eyes gleaming in the moonlight. All of the sudden, he was struck by how striking Sigh's features were, sharply outlined by the moonlight and highlighted by the stars. Her dress hugged her body, but it was her face and hair that truly caught his attention. He stopped himself from reaching out the brush her cheek, instead turning to look forward at the path they were walking on. "I was surprised you came to court..." He left it open, trying to make conversation that didn't revolve around the last night he had seen her.
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