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Sigh's lips curved into a small smile in response to Shayne's chuckling though it was not a whole hearted one. My maid urged me to be an independent woman. I was pleased with the idea. Betsy has a talent with clothes and hair. Petir is not a bad man, in truth, but it seems that no one ever disagrees with him. Green is truly not my color, however.

As he offered his hand, Sigh looked at it contemplating it for a moment before taking it in her cool grasp. She sighed softly as if she had forgotten to exhale for a while which she realized belatedly was exactly the cause. It was the same warm, callused grip that it had always been, large and masculine as it dwarfed her own. It was the same hand that had caressed her cheek, brushed aside her hair, and held her firmly as he growled at her. She looked up at his eyes, trying to sense his mood. She didn't find any true danger in his lion's eyes at this moment and felt safe enough. It would not do to summon a demon now, here, in front of all these eyes. Yes, I will walk with you, Sir Shayne. There was a small twitch in the corner of her lips, but the smile didn't stick. There were too many emotions running through her to figure out where she stood with the man beside her. Shall we take a turn around the gardens?

I play a game that I don't understand completely. There are circles in circles in circles. All of them rotate in different directions at different times. I am Keliaria Memnemik who is calling herself Sigh, who is playing at being the Sigh that Shayne knows, who is pretending to be Keli that Betsy and the others know, who is pretending to be Lady Keliaria Harnerbeck that all the lords and ladies now know, who is pretending at not being familiar at all with a man named Sir Shayne, who is pretending not to be Sigh so she doesn't have to feel this feeling that she is feeling right now. When all I want him to do is wrap his arms around me and sleep beside me so I feel a little bit safer than I have for the last week and a half before... before... The image of the large man roaring and storming off, dragging the horses with him on his mad dash through the night bounced through her head. She felt the cold ground beneath her as she had curled around her satchel full of apples, Barriego around her for protection. She took out her anger on peasants, farmsteads, mills. She burned, looted, maimed, killed, and slaughtered everything she had come across in a fit of anger. Farigos and Sylvana had been happy to do it all for her. Blood should have washed the loss out of her mind, but even blood could not clear Shayne from her. When she found herself in Phenvast, she had nothing left within her but the plan that they had come up with together on the ship so she had implemented that, finding Barty, Betsy, and Danny. Only Betsy knew that she could use magic, but she didn't realize the demons were demons. They were "illusory helpers" or "spirits" to the hooker. But now... Here she was beside this dangerous lion of a man again. He could not be kept on a leash, not even in court. All that he was paced behind his courtier's eyes, unveiled. And still it fascinated her as much as it frightened her.
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