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"I do not believe Lord Petirch has ever had a woman not dress to match him." He couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of the man's face once again.

"Mouse? You mean Lady Lenora? Had it not been for the urging of her friends, she would not even have come to the ball. I was merely being courteous. " He chuckled again at the thought of Petirch's reaction to her. The man looked positively drab next to her, and completely upset. "I find that me and her have nothing in common, and I believe she is far more entertained by Taliden and Lady Evana than by me."

He glanced over his shoulder, turning to face Sigh. "M'lady, will you walk with me?" His eyes sparkled with a hint of flirtatiousness, but mostly he held hope back. He didn't dare hope to much. But he offered his hand, expression somber.
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